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250g Leather Crack Filler


A Leather repair filler used to fill large areas of surface cracking, crazing, scratches & worn leather. Available in Multiple Sizes. Choose from multiple sizes (click here) to suit your repair needs. See our sizes coverage guide below. High Quality Used By The Professionals. Water based and odour free paste that remains flexible once dry. Quick and easy to use with application tool provided. You Can Do It Yourself and Save $$$ Watch our video tutorials to see how you can do it yourself and save. read more

Sofa Rehab
0.06 kg
26 × 19 × 4 cm
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A Heavy Duty Leather Crack Filler Used By Professionals

A flexible leather crack filler which has extremely strong holding properties that is able to fill large areas of surface cracking in leather.

Our leather crack filler is very effective at repairing surface cracking, crazing, surface splits, fine scratches & worn leather invisibly when used with leather colourant.

Available in Multiple Sizes. Our Coverage Guide.

Available in two sizes of 100g tub and 250g tub. Each crack filler purchase comes with a palette knife.

  • Choose our 100g size (click here) for 1 standard chair seat and 2 arm rests.
  • Choose our 250g size (this) for 3 standard chairs seats or 6 arm rests.

Is This Product Right For You?

If your wanting to carry out additional leather repairs then consider purchasing our Essentials Leather Crack Repair Kit which includes this leather crack filler inside!

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  • Bev Brown

    (verified owner)

    I first used the repair kit, but felt I needed a little more filler. The site is easy to use, goods are dispatched and received very quickly. Following the directions I was able to repair a recliner chair and I am thrilled with the result.

Sofa Rehab

I was completely blown away by the excellent service. Perfect product delivered very quickly. My enquiry was responded to immediately and professionally.I'm a very happy customer and highly recommend Sofa Rehab.

Sofa Rehab

Items I bought were a direct replacement for my lazy boy controller and transformer, quick delivery, now I have all bits it is just a matter of swapping out the parts

Sofa Rehab

I was desperate when my lift-chair stopped working, due to chronic back issues. I worked out it was the hand control but nothing was available locally. So onto Google and I came across SOFA REHAB! They had the exact part I needed at a very reasonable price, the virtual chat was exceptionally helpful and postage was super quick!

Sofa Rehab

This was probably the most helpful company I have dealt with in a long time. My email was answered immediately. Txt messages followed asking for more info. They asked for pics of where we thought the problem was. They were spot on with what the problem was.

Sofa Rehab

I bought the leather repair kit to try and fix a very scratched and worn leather desk insert. I was about to buy a new desk but couldn't find one of a similar size so thought I had nothing to lose by trying this product to salvage what was an otherwise perfectly good desk that was just ugly. I do wished I have taken before photos as the result has been amazing. I will be doing my leather lounge next.