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Leather Glue & Filler Pack


Australia's Leading Supplier of DIY Leather Repair Products. This value pack includes our Leather Glue, our Leather Filler, 2x support patches, 2x 600 grade sand paper and all tools you need to carry out repairs to multiple holes, cuts, scratches, and most damage in leather or vinyl. Easy to use and very effective.
For The Best Results Be Prepared. Order together with our repair products to be prepared and ready to start.
You Can Do It Yourself and Save $$$ This value pack saves up to $20.00 compared to purchasing separately. Watch our video tutorials to see how you can do it yourself and save.
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Using the Leather Glue and Patches

The leather repair glue is a polyurethane based adhesive used to bond two surfaces of leather or vinyl together for a strong and flexible permanent repair.

Our leather repair glue is easy to apply and can be coloured over using our leather colourant once fully dry. It will not crack, peel or break out even when applied to high wear areas.

Most minor repairs can be completed using only the glue, but for cuts, tears and large splits should make use of the included support patches.

Using the Leather Filler

The included leather filler has strong holding properties that is able to fill damaged areas in leather and vinyl.

Leather Filler is very effective at repairing pet damage, scratches & scuffed leather invisibly. It can also be tinted with our Leather Colourants which means fewer coats and faster repairs.

Whats In The Box?

  • Our small size pack includes 15ml leather glue and 10g tub of leather filler.
  • Our medium size pack includes 30ml leather glue and 25g tub of leather filler.

Both packs both include 2x support patches, 2x 600 grade sandpaper, tweezers and a palette knife.

How To

How To

Leather Glue Directions

  • Apply ample glue to both surfaces using the application tool provided
  • Bring both surfaces together and remove any excess
  • Allow to dry or use a hairdryer to speed up the process Tip – Use the support patch on the rear side of the leather for holes, cuts and tears


Leather Filler Directions

  • Apply several thin layers of filler to the repair site using the spatular provided
  • Allow to completely dry between each layer
  • The area can be sanded prior to applying the colour
  • Tip – A hairdryer can be used to speed up the drying process

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  • Peter

    (verified owner)

    Worked great good product. Cheers

  • Tanya

    (verified owner)

    Worked really well. The videos are really helpful and the repaired area is holding perfectly.