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Lounge Connectors

Sofa Connector Plates – 2 Pairs


A universal replacement pair of metal male & female connector plates used to attach two sofa sections, modular or corner group lounge terminals together. Simply Lift & Connect Furniture Together. Strong & simple to fit & unlink, these lounge connectors are a direct replacement for cheap plastic versions. Premium Quality Spare Parts With A 12 Month Warranty. Peace of mind at a reasonable price. Great quality components built to last. Sold in Multiple Quantities. Sold as a single pair or in multiple quantities (click here) with great value discounts. read more

Sofa Rehab
.300 kg
18 × 12 × 2 cm
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Compatible With All Leading Brands of Furniture
A two part set with universal attachments which can be mounted into various positions to suit the lounge. Interlocking plates that securely connect two terminals together.

Quick & Easy to Use – Stops lounges From Separating Apart
Simply lift & connect terminals together, then lift to disconnect again.  Use one, two or three connector sets per join to optimise your lounge connection needs.

What’s Included
Each replacement pair of sofa connector plates come with the screws required to secure them to the lounge. However these are compatible with either fixing bolts or screws if needed.

How To

How To

  1. Align the two terminals together
  2. Attach 1 x connector plate to the side of one terminal using the screws provided
  3. Attach the second connector plate to the side of the other terminal ensuring it is lined up with the first and in the opposite direction to allow it to clip into the first plate
  4. Lift the terminal and clip one connector plate into the connector plate of the second terminal

What's in the box

What's in the box

Packs Include – 

  • 1 x pair of connectors & 4 screws
  • 2 x pairs of connectors & 8 screws
  • 4 x pairs of connectors & 16 screws

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Sofa Rehab

My recliner chair handle snapped and I couldn't use the footrest anymore so Googled for a new handle and this company came up, had the exact part needed and it arrived in due time, fitted perfectly and now I wish I'd ordered two! Will fix the other one another time.

Sofa Rehab

Had Sofa Rehab recommended to me by a repairer as I had a broken handle on my old recliner. They had all the dimensions on their website, so that I could ensure I was getting the right size. Well priced and speedy delivery and very easy to install. Couldn't be happier.

Sofa Rehab

Items I bought were a direct replacement for my lazy boy controller and transformer, quick delivery, now I have all bits it is just a matter of swapping out the parts

Sofa Rehab

Paid a professional cleaner to clean my leather lounge. He did a lousy job. Didn't look any different. This cleaner pack provided everything I needed to do it myself. It lifted dirt & grime easily. Super happy with result, looks brand new!

Sofa Rehab

My order for the power supply arrived today, I had a go at installing it rather than waiting for my hubby to come home, took me all of 2 minutes and has saved me $400, gotta love that! Super fast delivery and brilliant customer service. Thanks so much!