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Large Oval Brown Plastic Recliner Handle


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This replacement universal manual recliner handle fits all recliner chairs and lounges, including popular brands. Comes with a cable retaining clip. Dimensions of the handle are 115mm x 70mm and the handle fits the industry standard 6mm cable barrel size. The handle is brown with a textured woodgrain effect. Brown Plastic Recliner Handle with Woodgrain Effect. This replacement handle is the industry standard large size and standard screw hole positions, making it an easy DIY repair in under 5 minutes with just a screwdriver, no experience required. Looking for another colour or small oval size? See our extensive catalogue of replacement handles (click here) available in various colours, large & small, and metal or plastic. If you need assistance in finding the right one, feel free to contact us. read more

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Handles Measuring Guide

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Handles Measuring Guide

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Universal Large Oval Recliner Release Handle in Brown

Replace your broken recliner handle with our high-quality plastic replacement. With universal fittings, its suitable for all manual recliner furniture with this large handle size. This handle is 115mm wide, 70mm high, and 38mm deep, and sports a brown woodgrain effect. Also available in black (click here).

This handle fits all recliner brands and is compatible with release cables with a 6mm barrel size. For more details, refer to our measuring guide.

Quality Spare Parts from Sofa Rehab

We are Australia’s leading supplier for repair kits and spare parts, so from Sofa Rehab you can enjoy our comprehensive product range and expert assistance via phone or chat from actual furniture repair professionals. If you are a tradesperson who needs to buy in bulk then consider to register for our trades account program.

You Can 'Do It Yourself' to Save Money and Feel Good

Installation is simple with no prior experience needed. All you need is this replacement handle, a screwdriver and a few minutes. Check out our video tutorials and step-by-step instructions for an easy installation process. Order now, replace your recliner handle yourself, and enjoy the satisfaction of DIY repair and the money saved.



Make: Sofa Rehab
Model: Large oval black plastic handle.
Dimensions: 115 mm wide x 70 mm high x 38 mm deep
Material: Plastic
Colour: Woodgrain Brown
Barrel size: Accepts the industry standard 6 mm cable barrel and will also accept a size 5-7 mm comfortably.

How To Tutorial

How To Tutorial

Recliner Handle Replacement How To Tutorials

Remove the broken recliner handle by unscrewing the two fixing screws behind the latch using either a manual or electric screwdriver and pull the handle clear of the furniture.

Rotate the handle to locate the retaining clip. Remove the clip by pinching the arms together and unhook the cable from the handle.
Pull the cable sheath clear to allow slack and check around the cable and barrel for any wear, tear or damage.
Secure the original cable into the replacement handle and refit the retaining clip.
Fit the handle and cable back in to the furniture. Pull the handle (the mechanism will open the footrest) to expose the fixing holes and securely fit the screws into both holes.

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  • Gary

    (verified owner)

    Great product and very prompt delivery. Fixed the problem in 5 minutes.

  • jmrobbo

    (verified owner)

    Purchase one of these to replace a broken one. Delivery was very prompt and it was super easy to replace. Great service.

Sofa Rehab

Site is easy to access and navigate, found needed product and checkout was hassle free. Delivery was speedy and product was good quality. Overall great experience!

Sofa Rehab

Product was great, covered up the faded part on my leather chair and blended in so well couldn't see where I had applied it. Company very efficient with order and postage

Sofa Rehab

Sofa Rehab sent me the product quickly to New Zealand and it worked perfectly. Thanks to them my recliner is working again...

Sofa Rehab

The product is the same as the original. Easy to install and great fast service from Sofa Rehab. The coiled plastic on the original part was disintegrating exposing the wires and now with the new control part the chair is as good as new!!

Sofa Rehab

I was doubtful this would repair our badly damaged headrest area of our leather lounge. But, I thought had nothing to loose so I gave it a try.

I cut a tiny sample of our leather away from underneath the recliner where that cannot be seen & sent that to Sofa Rehab to hopefully match our colour.

I've just completed the repair & colour. The colour match is perfect & now I cannot see where the damage was before. Marvellous product.