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Leather Glue and Patch Kit Sizes


A very strong yet flexible leather glue that dries clear. Will help repair nicks, scratches, cuts, tears and even pet damage. Easy to use with AMAZING results. Suitable for all leather and vinyl types. Professional strength. Dries clear and can be used in high wear areas with confidence. Available in Multiple Sizes! Available in 5ml, 15ml, 30ml and 100ml bottles. See our measuring guide below to find the right size for your needs. Do It Yourself and Save $$$ Watch our video tutorial to see how quick and easy it is to repair your leather lounge yourself. read more


High Quality and Durable

Leather repair glue is a polyurethane based adhesive used to bond two surfaces of leather together for a strong and flexible permanent repair.

Our leather repair glue is easy to apply and can be coloured over using our leather colourant once fully dry. Will not crack, peel or break out even when applied to high wear areas.

Most repairs can be carried out with this glue but also cuts, tears and large splits will repair well too with the use of the sub patch provided.

What The Kit Sizes Include:

  • The 5ml glue kit comes with 5ml of leather glue, 1 support patch and 1 palette knife
  • The 15ml glue kit comes with 15ml of leather glue, 2 support patches and 1 palette knife
  • The 30ml glue kit comes with 30ml of leather glue, 3 support patches and 1 palette knife
  • The 100ml glue kit comes with 100ml of leather glue, 4 support patches and 1 palette knife

Not Sure What Size You Need? Our Measuring Guide

  • The 5ml glue kit is suitable for repairing 2-10 leather scratches or 1 medium leather tear.
  • The 15ml glue kit is suitable for repairing 10-15 leather scratches or 2 medium leather tears
  • The 30ml glue kit is suitable for repairing 15-30 leather scratches or 2 big tears.
  • The 100ml glue kit is ideal for leather repair technicians making multiple repairs.

How To

How To

Directions for small nicks, pet damage & scratches


1- Apply ample glue to both surfaces using the application tool provided
2- Bring both surfaces together and remove any excess, hold in place
3- Allow to dry or use a hairdryer to speed up the process
4- Once dry allow 24 hrs for the glue to cure before first use.


Directions for cuts, rips and flaps where there is a hole


1- Cut the sub patch to approximately 20% larger than the hole to be repaired
2- Carefully insert the sub patch inside the hole or ideally access the back of the leather
3- Apply ample glue to both the rear of the leather and the sub patch, press together and hold in place until adhesion is achieved
4- Next apply ample glue to all edges of the damage to be repaired and bring the edges together, remove any excess glue and hold the edges in place until adhesion is achieved, use a hairdryer to speed up the process
5- Once dry allow 24 hrs for the glue to cure before first use.

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  • Rebbecca Smith

    (verified owner)

    Used to repair a very large tear at the join between the cushions and the couch back. The leather glue worked well to adhere the sub patches to the leather and then to each leather seam. Its been 2 weeks since repair. The position of the old tear means the glue must really hold it’s own and so far it’s doing exactly that.

  • Ess

    (verified owner)

    Cat scratch which of course means little bits of leather lifted in multiple spots,
    Carefully glued each one down ran my finger upwards of tears and you can’t see where it was

Sofa Rehab

I purchased some items to fix a rip in my sofa. It really is as easy as they say in the videos. I have extended the live of my sofa for just 5 mins of work and a small cost. Great products.

Sofa Rehab

My recliner chair handle snapped and I couldn't use the footrest anymore so Googled for a new handle and this company came up, had the exact part needed and it arrived in due time, fitted perfectly and now I wish I'd ordered two! Will fix the other one another time.

Sofa Rehab

Just perfect! Only bought one to boost the saggiest seat in our L shaped couch and see if I got the right density, and I did. Tucked it under the cushion and now the seat looks consistent with the rest. Now to buy some more for the rest of the couch.

Sofa Rehab

We purchased the 4-pack of small black handles and were easily able to repair our 2 single recliners and now have 2x spare handles in case the recliner 2 seater lounge needs repairs. Great online instructions on how to measure so that you order the correct parts and very fast delivery. Very affordable and easy to do it yourself.

Sofa Rehab

My order for the power supply arrived today, I had a go at installing it rather than waiting for my hubby to come home, took me all of 2 minutes and has saved me $400, gotta love that! Super fast delivery and brilliant customer service. Thanks so much!