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Lounge Connectors

Modular Furniture Connector Brackets


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Complete sectional sofa and lounge connector kit including all the components required to connect two furniture terminals securely together. This replacement set of all metal connectors is used to attach two sofa sections, modular pieces or corner group lounge terminals together The furniture joiners can be mounted in various positions. Each Set Includes the Connector Rod , Mount, Screws and T Nut. Each sofa connector set purchased includes 1x male connection plate, 1x female connection plate and 8 x screws. Looking for Another Style of Connectors? We sell various sectional lounge connection kits browse our full range here. Available in different types, styles and materials of popular modular lounge linking and connector kits. read more

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6 × 7 × 2 cm
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Modular Lounge Connectors

A replacement 2 piece set of metal sofa connection joiners with a easy to use locking system. The female plate and male connection rod can be mounted in various positions to suit the lounge or situation.

How many connection kits needed?

A 3-piece lounge will typically need 4 connection sets because each side connecting to another lounge piece will be held together with 2 sets, one on the front, and one of the rear.
These connection are typically purchased as a like-for-like replacement but can also be used for new sofas and corner lounges which didn’t come with metal connection systems for connecting the pieces lounge together.

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How many sets do I need?

We recommend for a strong connection two sets per join.

Are these heavy duty?

Yes, these are very sturdy and fit for heavy duty lounge connections.

Are the screws supplied?

Yes, we supply 10 screws and the T Nut.

Sofa Rehab

Great service. Very happy with my phone call being returned promptly. Within a few minutes of the parcel being delivered, the transformer was plugged in and everything worked perfectly. Many thanks.

Sofa Rehab

I could not be happier! I thought that my couch was beyond saving but now it looks great. So easy to use, I wish I had done it much sooner.

Sofa Rehab

I was completely blown away by the excellent service. Perfect product delivered very quickly. My enquiry was responded to immediately and professionally.I'm a very happy customer and highly recommend Sofa Rehab.

Sofa Rehab

My maroon chesterfield was faded on the back. I used 3 coats of leather colourant. I'm so pleased with the result as it looks like new again although it's 20 years old. It was so easy to use. Thank you.

Sofa Rehab

Great service. I ordered on a Sunday and had the product in 2 days. Very easy to fit, like about 3 minutes. Very good info on the website.. Turned a broken chair back into something useful very quickly. Price and convenience both great.