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  • Ball Point Pen Ink Remover Stick
  • Leather  Deep Cleaning Brush
  • Leather Cleaning Brush, Cloth and Sponge Combo
  • 500ml-essentials-leather-moisturiser
  • Leather Wash

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  • Ball Point Pen Ink Remover Stick
  • Leather  Deep Cleaning Brush
  • Leather Cleaning Brush, Cloth and Sponge Combo
  • 500ml-essentials-leather-moisturiser
  • Leather Wash


Leather Cleaning

Ultimate Leather Care Kit


The ultimate leather cleaning and stain removal kit. Deep clean stubborn in ground dirt, grime, perspiration from everyday family use. Achieve deeper cleaning and ink removal using the included leather cleaning brush and ink remover stick. Luxurious moisturiser is included to create a new clean feeling of leather and more importantly add a layer of protection against further water base stains. Used by Professional Leather Cleaners and Technicians. All you need to effectively deep clean and moisturise your leather item. Suitable for use on upholstered furniture and car seats interiors. Seriously Good Results with ease! Light coloured leather, even white leather and the dirtiest of leather are no problem for this kit! Safe for use on pigmented, vinyl, semi-aniline and bonded leather. You Can Do It Yourself and Save $$$ Watch our video tutorial below demonstrating the effectiveness of this Leather Care Kit and our other products. read more

Sofa Rehab
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Next Level Cleaning Power From Sofa Rehab!

The Ultimate Leather Care Kit is all you need to effectively clean & moisturise your leather item. The Essentials Leather Wash is PH neutral so is kind but effective. The Essentials Leather Moisturiser is used to moisturise, nourish & protect the leather. The Ink Remover is very effective at removing fresh ink up to 5 days old. The Leather Cleaning Brush is great for lifting the dirt between the leather grain.

Is This the Right Kit For You?

Need to know how to remove ink stains on leather car seats? Or how to get out coffee stains from leather furniture? Then this is the kit for you! A fully loaded cleaning and stain removal kit which includes products to effortlessly remove water based stains from leather furniture, car seat interiors and just about anything made of leather. Suitable for all pigmented leather, protected leather, semi aniline, vinyl and bonded leather.

You Can Do It! Our Video Tutorial

What's in the Kit

What's in the Kit

750ml Essentials Leather Wash
500ml Essentials Leather Moisturiser
1 x Ink Remover
1 x Leather Cleaning Brush
1 x cleaning sponge
2 x lint free cloths

Coverage – Approximately 1 x large 3 seater and 2 x arm chairs or a large modular/corner group

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  • Angie Harrington

    (verified owner)

    First time using this product and it did not disappoint… absolutely amazing results. I took before and after pics, my husband’s leather recliner was the biggest surprise. Ou leather furniture hadn’t been cleaned for 7 years and still looks brand new. I found it was easier to do in small amounts, I still have lots of cleaner and conditioner left… it took me 4 hrs to clean all our suite but so worth it… I totally recommend this product, please watch their videos as this helped when using for 1st time. Am happy I bought the kit as the brush was perfect to lift ground in stains.. I would have no hesitation in buying this product again… Thank you (am happy to provide before and after photos)

  • Rosanne

    (verified owner)

    Its the best product we have purchased for our lounge. It made us realise that one has to maintain such an expensive item and look after it with a good product such as this. Its important to watch the video supplied as it really assists in doing a good job with this excellent product. So happy!!

  • Angela Egan

    (verified owner)

    Great product, softened the leather as it was drying out. Arrived quickly

  • Mary

    (verified owner)

    This product is amazing! My cream leather sofa is 4 years old and well looked after, however it was looking dirty.
    Soda Rehab has lifted the grime from daily sitting and the colour has lifted by about 1.5-2 shades!
    It looks brand new!
    Highly recommend this kit- the brush and clothes in the kit are excellent and the protect is very easy to apply

  • Layna

    Paid a professional cleaner to clean leather lounge. He did a lousy job. Didn’t look any different. This cleaner pack provided everything I needed. The dirt lifted easily. Super happy with result.



How do I clean and condition leather?

Use the Sofa Rehab leather wash as follows.
1. Pre-test on a concealed area of leather before first use
2. Spray the leather wash directly onto the leather
3. Gently work the leather wash in, using circular movements with the sponge, to agitate the oils, dirt and grime
4. Wipe the area dry using the lint free cloth provided
Heavily soiled areas may require a second application of leather wash therefore, repeat steps 2, 3 and 4
5. Once the item is clean and dry, we strongly recommend applying the Essentials Leather Moisturiser to nourish and protect the item.
To use the Essentials leather moisturiser
6. Apply ample moisturiser to the lint free cloth provided and apply to the leather using circular motion
7. Rub the moisturiser into the leather surface until all the liquid has been absorbed.
8. Allow to dry and then buff the leather surface to achieve the best sheen level.
Tip –
A. Use the ink remover stick before the leather wash to remove any ink or lip stick.
B. Use a Leather cleaning brush to agitate the dirt and grime normally found inground in the leather textured surface.
C. Regularly rinse the sponge and cloths to prevent washing the dirt and grime back in to the surface.
Use regularly to prevent a build up of oils, dirt and grime.
**Suitable for all types of leather except nubuck and suede.

My leather is very dirty, is this the right kit?

If you have pigmented or protected leather, semi aniline, vinyl or bonded leather this kit will be great, use the leather brush to tackle the in ground dirt and wipe away the excess dirt with the lint free cloth. Really dirty leather may need a second or third clean to remove all the built up dirt and grime.

How to best clean leather furniture or car seats?

Leather is easily cared for using good quality leather cleaners and moisturisers. With a regular care regime leather can be kept looking fresh and new for many years. For normal pigmented/protected leather we recommend you use our Essentials leather care kit every 3-4 months.
For Aniline, semi aniline, waxed or oil pull up leather we recommend using our Aniline leather wash and oil & pull up cream care kit every 3-4 months.

How to remove ink from leather furniture?

Initially use our ink remover stick, if the stain is less than 5 days old the ink remover stick will normally remove it however if it persists then try you'll need to use our Essentials leather repair kit to apply fresh colour over the top and block out the stain.

How to get out stains out of leather car seats?

This depends on the type of stain. However to ensure you can clean and cover the stain we suggest you first use the leather cleaner and moisturiser to remove the stain and if this isn't a complete success then use the repair kit included in our Ultimate Leather Repair Kit which is a fully loaded kit to both clean and colour over any remaining stain.

How to clean coffee stains on leather furniture?

Usually using our Essentials leather care kit will be enough to remove coffee, tea and alcohol stains from leather car seats and furniture. However if the you have a red wine or stubborn stain you may need to colour over the stain with fresh leather colourant to block out the stain. If this is the case then try our Ultimate Leather repair kit.

Removing clothing dye transfer from leather couches?

Dye transfer is very hard and practically impossible to clean off and in most cases will need an application of new leather colourant to block out the stain. Dye is basically designed to alter the original colour of a material or leather and therefore is not meant to be removable. If the dye has penetrated through the protective layer of the leather you will not be able to remove it. This is where the Ultimate repair kit from Sofa Rehab will help.

How to get stains out of a leather couch?

The best option is to tackle the stain with our Essentials leather care kit. However depending on what the actual stain is not all stains will wash off especially if it red wine, oil based stains or just old , if this is the case then only a recolour over the top of the stain will truly remove the stain from view, our Ultimate repair kit is fully loaded and ideal for this scenario.

How to fix water stains on leather?

This depends on the leather type.
Pigmented/protected leather use our Essentials leather care kit or Ultimate repair kit if the stain is old and leather looks dried out.
Aniline, semi aniline, oiled or waxed leather try our Aniline leather wash and oiled & pull up cream care kit. Although with this leather type water stains are notoriously difficult to remove and generally require an application of new dye to cover over and block out the stain.

Sofa Rehab

I was desperate when my lift-chair stopped working, due to chronic back issues. I worked out it was the hand control but nothing was available locally. So onto Google and I came across SOFA REHAB! They had the exact part I needed at a very reasonable price, the virtual chat was exceptionally helpful and postage was super quick!

Sofa Rehab

Needed transformer for our Plush sofa (Plush couldn't supply one for 3 weeks!) left a message with Sofa Rehab and was contacted that day, very helpful. Transformer arrived a day later; very happy as sofa now working fine and impressed with service, delivery and advice.

Sofa Rehab

I purchased some items to fix a rip in my sofa. It really is as easy as they say in the videos. I have extended the live of my sofa for just 5 mins of work and a small cost. Great products.

Sofa Rehab

We needed to replace a cracked cup holder and buttons on our electric recliner. We reached out to a repair company who quoted $485. I couldn't believe it... so hit the net to see if I could find the part and low and behold I found it on Sofa Rehab for $85. The description said it was easy to do, so with the massive saving on offer I thought I had nothing to loose. Sofa Rehab was spot on, it was easy and only took 10min!

Sofa Rehab

Really great service, measuring for replacement part made ordering so easy. Very prompt service. Thank you for saving me from having to replace my recliners.