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Essentials Leather Wash

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Used by Professional leather cleaners and technicians A very effective yet gentle leather wash. Quick & easy to use with seriously good results. Use regularly to maintain clean leather. All light coloured & even white leather lounges, chairs & auto interiors clean up like new! Suitable for all leather types except nubuck & suede. 'You Can Do It' yourself & save $$$ Watch our video tutorial demonstrating the effectiveness of this leather care product. read more



500ml, 750ml


Essentials leather wash is designed to lift everyday in-ground dirt, grime and perspiration with ease and without drying out the leather.

Being PH neutral, our cleaner is kind yet effective.  The cleaner comes in a handy trigger spray bottle with a variable spray cap &  a cleaning sponge for application.

A 500ml bottle will effectively clean approximately 1 x large 2 seater & 2 x arm chairs
A 750ml bottle will effectively clean approximately 1 x large 3 seater &  2 x arm chairs or a large corner group

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How To

How To

  1. Pre-test on a concealed area of leather before first use
  2. Spray the leather wash directly onto the leather
  3. Gently work the leather wash in, using circular movements with the sponge, to agitate the oils, dirt and grime
  4. Wipe the area dry using the lint free cloth provided
  5. Heavily soiled areas may require a second application of leather wash therefore, repeat steps 3 and 4
  6. Once the item is clean and dry, we recommend applying the Essentials Leather Moisturiser to nourish and protect the itemTip – regularly rinse the sponge and cloths to prevent washing the dirt and grime back in to the surface.  Suitable for all types of leather except nubuck and suede.  Use regularly to prevent a build up of oils, dirt and grime

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