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  • Okin JLDK.15.07.15 Electric Recliner Switch and control box
  • Okin JLDK.15.07.15 Electric Recliner Switch
  • Okin JLDK.15.07.15 Electric Recliner Switch Rear View
  • Okin JLDK.15.07.15 Electric Recliner Switch Control Box
  • Okin JLDK.15.07.15 Electric Recliner Switch Control Box

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  • Okin JLDK.15.07.15 Electric Recliner Switch and control box
  • Okin JLDK.15.07.15 Electric Recliner Switch
  • Okin JLDK.15.07.15 Electric Recliner Switch Rear View
  • Okin JLDK.15.07.15 Electric Recliner Switch Control Box
  • Okin JLDK.15.07.15 Electric Recliner Switch Control Box


Recliner Button Switches

Okin 7 Button Recliner Switch with USB


Replacement Okin electric recliner 7 button USB switch. 6 buttons for the operation of the lumbar and headrest, plus a light on/off button. Shiny nickel effect face plate exterior and blue LED illuminated buttons. Model number JLDK.15.07.16 is designed to be fitted to the left side when seated, and model number JLDK.15.07.15 is the right arm mounted version. The cables internally connect to a control box which is also supplied with the purchase of this replacement set. Oval 7 Button Power Recliner USB Switch Replacement. Fits the Harvey Norman Bradford range of power recliners produced by Synargy Smart comfort. Need Help Finding a Replacement Recliner Button Switch? We stock many other replacements for all popular electric recliner & sofa brands and models, see our full range (click here) for a suitable replacement. Ask us if you need help choosing. read more


0.38 kg
26 × 15 × 6 cm
USB Port

USB Charging

Mount Side

Left (JLDK.15.07.16), Right (JLDK.15.07.15)


Okin Electric Recliner Oval 7 Button Switch with USB

Commonly fitted to the outer arm of power recliner chairs and lounges and having a removable plastic nickel effect screw cover, it allows for an aesthetically pleasing design and offers a discreet appearance. Comes complete with new control box and cables. This recliner switch is also compatible with the Harvey Norman Synargy Bradford lounges plus many other brands.

Choose the Correct Mounting Side: Left or Right

We offer this button controller switch in configurations suitable for both left-hand side and right-hand side mounting. The distinction between left or right side is determined from the viewpoint of sitting in the electric recliner chair.

  • Model JLDK.15.07.16 – Fitted to the left armrest side of the recliner.
  • Model JLDK.15.07.15 – Fitted to the right armrest side of the recliner.

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Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Make – Okin Refined
Model – JLDK.15.07.15
Switch functions – Footrest open/close, Headrest Up/Down, Lumber In/Out, Light button and USB charge port.
USB Port – Power rating 5V 1A
Switch – Power DC 24V 2A
Switch Plug Types – 1 x male 7 pin din at 90 degrees plus 1 x 6 port male plug.
Control Box Plug type – 1 x female 4 port plug plus 3 x female jacks.
Switch Dimensions – W 110mm x H 58mm x D 36mm (Approximately)
Control Box – one cable exiting the box splitting into four cables.

How to

How to

Disconnect power to the recliner
Prise off the oval plastic cover to expose the 2 screws and remove them
Carefully tip the recliner over to locate the 7 pin plug and and 6 port plug and disconnect the switch from the actuator and control box.
Next disconnect the control box plugs and make a note of where the cables connect and unscrew the control box and remove. (Take a picture helps)
Place recliner back into standard upright position and remove the entire switch along with the plug and cabling
Install new switch and attach the screws before replacing the oval cover
Tip recliner over again and install the control box using the screws and connect the plugs, next locate the 7 pin and 6 port plug and then connect the plugs to the corresponding motor plug and control box
Place recliner back into the standard upright position and reconnect the power.

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Will this work my recliner?

This switch is only suitable for electric recliners with the same part number which is JLDK.15.07.15

Will the switch suit left and right sides of the recliner?

No, This is only suitable for the right hand side as you sit in the recliner.

My switch has a 15.07.16 will this switch still work?

No, You would need to select the JLDK.15.07.16 from our store catalogue to get the correct switch.

Is this switch easy to fit ?

Yes, very simple and no experience is required. See our "How to " tab for detailed step by step instructions.

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