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  • eMoMo Tech Din Plug
  • Extra Long Din Plug On 2 Button Recliner Remote

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  • Photo 14-5-22, 2 56 33 pm
  • eMoMo Tech Din Plug
  • Extra Long Din Plug On 2 Button Recliner Remote


Electric Recliner Spare PartsRecliner Button Switches

Round 2 Button Recliner Switch


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Black replacement 2 button recliner toggle switch with 5 pin plug. Suitable when replacing a round 2 button switch for Okin and Kaidi power recliner chairs. Also compatible with most other brands of electric recliner chairs that use this same shape round 2 button toggle and deep reach 5 pin din plug. Model number JLDK-4 ( 2 Button Electric Recliner Switch Replacement JLDK-4. It's easy to replace a recliner switch by following our step-by-step instructions. The cable is internally connected with a standard 5 pin plug. The only tool you need is a screwdriver. Need Help Finding a Replacement Recliner Button Switch? We stock replacements for all popular recliner & sofa brands and models, see our full range of recliner toggle switches (click here) for a suitable replacement. Ask us if you need help choosing. read more

Kaidi, Okin
0.14 kg
11 × 4.5 × 11 cm
USB Port

Without USB


Power Recliner Replacement Parts

Commonly fitted to the outer arm of electric recliner chairs and lounges and having a removable screw cover, it allows for an aesthetically pleasing design and offers a discreet appearance. Our sleek, robust and compact round 2 button black plastic toggle switch fits most power recliners on the market today.

Okin Recliner Switch

Model numbers are either JLDK-4 or Also compatible with many different brands such as La z boy and Kaidi recliner switches.

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Easy fitting in under 10 minutes with no experience required. The only tool required is a screwdriver.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Make – Okin
Model Number – JLDK-4 Note any digits after the -4 are batch and date variations and will still work.
Function – Front switch to open Rear button to close recliner mechanism.
Colour – Black.
Material – Casing is plastic.
Plug – Right angle Din plug with 5 pins.
Dimensions – – External fascia is 68 mm – Internal is 45 mm – Thickness including buttons is 32 mm – Cable with plug length is 1770 mm.
Power Rating – DC 24V 2A.

How to

How to

  1. Unplug all power to the recliner and remove the mains plug from the wall socket.
  2. Lay down a drop sheet on the floor in front of the recliner chair.
  3. Twist the plastic outer screw cover off to expose the 4 screws.
  4. Remove the screws and then pull out the switch casing to allow it to hand freely by its cable.
  5. Carefully turn the recliner over on its front side to gain access to the recliner wiring underneath.
  6. Locate where the original cabling currently fits and make notes of how it’s routed (recommended to take a photo).
  7. Cut and remove any cable ties holding the switch in place then unplug it from the actuator motor.
  8. You should be able to remove fully the broken switch from the recliner.
  9. Feed the replacement switch through the outside arm plug first until the switch housing is snug into the arm hole.
  10. Secure any free cabling into the same position as the original using cable ties, be sure to check the cable is not caught up and not too tight or at risk of being trapped during motion.
  11. Carefully turn the recliner back over to the standing position.
  12. Angle the switch rotation first and then work on screwing in the 4 housing screws for the toggle switch.
  13. Put the plastic switch cover back on to hide the screws.
  14. Reconnect the power and switch it on.
  15. Test the replacement toggle switch by operating the recliner to its maximum opening and closed position. When fully open, look inside to see that the cabling is safely out of harms way and is not stretched or pinched.

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  • Ronald Schipplock

    (verified owner)

    Thankyou for prompt service and delivery. Happy to recommend to others

  • Graham McClelland

    (verified owner)

    Great service and product. Very happy



Will this work on my recliner?

If you have a 2 button electric recliner with a female 5 pin plug socket on the actuator(motor), then yes it will. If you have 3 or more buttons this is not suitable.

Will the switch suit left and right sides of the recliner?

Yes, you may need to rotate the switch 180 degrees to ensure the buttons are the correct way round. I.E front button to open and rear button to close etc.

My switch looks the same will it still work?

Okin and Kaidi have made various versions of the switch for different brands, the switch is the same but may have a longer cable etc. If the switch plug is the same it will work.

Is this switch easy to fit ?

Yes, very simple and no experience is required. See our "How to " tab for detailed step by step instructions.

Sofa Rehab

Excellent service, swift replies and good understanding of my personalised requests for leather sofas and chairs that I have refurbished to date. Durable and reasonably-priced products with convenient delivery and payment options.

Sofa Rehab

I've worked in a furniture store for 9 or so years and finding suitable recliner cables was always a challenge. When I recieved my cables off you guys, I couldn't believe how well they fitted. Absolutely magnificent place to get your cables. They were here in a couple of days as well so highly recommended.

Sofa Rehab

Product was great, covered up the faded part on my leather chair and blended in so well couldn't see where I had applied it. Company very efficient with order and postage

Sofa Rehab

The product is the same as the original. Easy to install and great fast service from Sofa Rehab. The coiled plastic on the original part was disintegrating exposing the wires and now with the new control part the chair is as good as new!!

Sofa Rehab

This was probably the most helpful company I have dealt with in a long time. My email was answered immediately. Txt messages followed asking for more info. They asked for pics of where we thought the problem was. They were spot on with what the problem was.