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Actuator Moving Blocks

Top Clevis Actuator Moving Block


This replacement moving block, also known as an actuator slider block, is made from a durable plastic and designed with a top-mounted clevis. Moving blocks are an actuator component that moves along the length of the shaft and attaches with the reclining mechanism. The stress exerted on the plastic block is a common failure point, but if your actuator is otherwise working then this replacement moving block is a great value repair choice, avoiding the cost of a whole new actuator. Replacement Actuator Plastic Moving Block With Top Clevis. This replacement plastic block is used in a wide range of electric recliner motors from OEMs including eMoMo, Kaidi, Mulin to name a few. Be sure to compare our product photos with your broken movement block and check our list of known compatible models. Wrong Size? See Our Full Selection of Actuator Slider Blocks. We've got 5 unique shapes to fit various actuators across numerous electric recliner brands and models. If this one doesn’t match, browse our Actuator Moving Blocks (click here) selection to find your exact fit. read more

eMoMo Tech, Sofa Rehab
0.1 kg
20 × 20 × 20 cm
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Plastic Slider Block Replacement for Recliner Actuators

This white plastic block is designed for electric recliner actuators. With the right tools and know-how, opting for this spare part presents a significant cost-saving alternative to replacing the entire actuator unit.

For situations requiring more than a moving block replacement, explore our extensive selection of electric recliner actuators (click here), catering to nearly all electric recliner lift chairs available on the market.

Measuring Guide for Top Clevis Slider Block Design

Because of the unique design of this top clevis actuator block, the specific dimensions need to be measured in a few ways. The block features a base that attaches along the actuator shaft, measuring 66mm in length and 45mm in width. The base has a height of 38mm but an overall height of 68mm when including the dome top clevis.

Through the center of the base accommodates the actuator’s rotational worm drive rod, with a diameter of 14.5mm. It is designed for a {METRIC STANDARD} size thread, which is approximately {THREAD PITCH}mm between threads and a {DIRECTION}-turning direction.

The arch-shaped clevis at the top, where the recliner mechanism is attached, has a diameter of 10mm.

Which Replacement Slider Block Shape Do You Need?

Your broken actuator moving block is likely one of the 5 common designs used by most electric recliner chair motors. This one has a distinctive dome shaped clevis atop where the reclining mechanism attaches. If you’re looking for a different plastic slider block then see our range of actuator moving blocks and clevis (click here) for the matching one.

Feel free to contact us for any assistance locating the right piece.

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Sofa Rehab

Just perfect! Only bought one to boost the saggiest seat in our L shaped couch and see if I got the right density, and I did. Tucked it under the cushion and now the seat looks consistent with the rest. Now to buy some more for the rest of the couch.

Sofa Rehab

Sofa Rehab sent me the product quickly to New Zealand and it worked perfectly. Thanks to them my recliner is working again...

Sofa Rehab

Site is easy to access and navigate, found needed product and checkout was hassle free. Delivery was speedy and product was good quality. Overall great experience!

Sofa Rehab

Sofa Rehab to the rescue! Thanks for your website and YouTube video tutorials we were able to fix our recliner's snapped cable by ourselves. Getting the clip out was challanging, but we eventually got it and now chair is good as new.

Sofa Rehab

Fixed my couch!! Quoted $1000 to fix this. $200 later from Sofa Rehab and fixed it myself. The couch had tears and the leather was also quite worn on one of the seats. With their video instructions it ended up being easier than expected. The colour matched perfectly.