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  • close-front-view-of-2-button-kdh120b-005-for-dual-motor-recliners
  • serial-number-and-model-label-sticker-kdh120b-005-recliner-switch
  • kaidi-kdh120b-005-switch-front-view-with-screws-faceplate-removed
  • rear-view-of-kaidi-kdh120b-005-recliner-switch-and-5-pin-cable


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Kaidi KDH120B-005 Recliner Switch


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A genuine replacement Kaidi electric recliner switch KDH120B-005. A sleek bronze coloured oval 4 button electric recliner switch. Universal power recliner switch suitable for power recliner chairs and sofas with the switch fitted on either side and dual actuators. Used to operate a footrest and separate headrest actuator for ultimate comfort whilst reclining. Model number KDH120B-005. 4 Button Power Recliner Switch. 4 Button electric recliner switch used to operate a dual actuators. Can be installed to the armrest of power recliners. Not the Switch Your Looking For? We stock all the popular recliner switches (click here). If you are still not sure which replacement power recliner chair or sofa switch is right for you please contact our helpful team. read more

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16 × 10 × 4 cm
USB Port

Without USB


Kaidi Power Recliner 4 Button Switch

Commonly fitted to the outer arm of electric recliner chairs and sofas having a removable screw cover, it allows for an aesthetically pleasing design and offers a discreet appearance. Our sleek, robust and compact oval KDH120B-005 power recliner 4 button switch fits most recliner chairs and sofas needing to operate a dual actuator mechanisms on the market today.

Kaidi Recliner Switch Replacement

Model number KDH120B-005. This version of power recliner switch is fitted to the armrest of electric recliners and designed to operate a two actuators, one being the footrest and the second the headrest.

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Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Make – Kaidi Electrical.
Model Number –KDH120B-005.
Function –Front button opens/closes the footrest and the rear button open/closes the headrest.
Location –Universal, can be installed to either left or right sides.
Colour –Bronze.
Material –Plastic housing and fascia.
Plug –1 x Straight Din 5 pin plug with retaining prongs.
Dimensions – External fascia is Width 93 mm, Height 34 mm. Thickness including housing and buttons is 33 mm. Cable length is 1210 mm (approximately).

How to

How to

  1. Unplug all power to the recliner and remove the mains plug from the wall socket.
  2. Lay down a drop sheet on the floor in front of the recliner chair.
  3. Unclip the plastic outer screw cover off to expose the 2 screws.
  4. Remove the screws and then pull out the switch casing to allow it to hang freely by its cable.
  5. Carefully turn the recliner over on its front side to gain access to the recliner wiring underneath.
  6. Locate where the original cabling currently fits and make notes of how it’s routed (recommended to take a photo).
  7. Cut and remove any cable ties holding the switch in place then unplug it from the actuator motor.
  8. You should be able to remove fully the broken switch from the recliner.
  9. Feed the replacement switch through the outside arm plug first until the switch housing is snug into the arm hole.
  10. Locate the din plugs and connect to the corresponding actuators.
  11. Secure any free cabling into the same position as the original using cable ties, be sure to check the cable is not caught up and not too tight or at risk of being trapped during motion.
  12. Carefully turn the recliner back over to the standing position.
  13. Angle the switch rotation first and then work on screwing in the 2 housing screws for the toggle switch.
  14. Put the plastic switch cover back on to hide the screws.
  15. Reconnect the power and switch it on.
  16. Test the replacement toggle switch by operating the recliner to its maximum opening and closed position. When fully open, look inside to see that the cabling is safely out of harms way and is not stretched or pinched.

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Will this work my recliner?

This switch is suitable for electric recliners with dual actuators/motors only and fits to either side of the recliner. You will also need to check each actuator accepts 1 x 5 pin round din plugs.

Is there a USB port?

No, It doesn't have a USB

Will the switch suit left and right sides of the recliner?


Can this be fitted to the seat cushion?


My switch looks the same will it still work?

The model number must be the same as ours to work. Model KDH120B-005.

Is this switch easy to fit ?

Yes, very simple and no experience is required. See our "How to " tab for detailed step by step instructions. We even supply the screws.

Sofa Rehab

I could not be happier! I thought that my couch was beyond saving but now it looks great. So easy to use, I wish I had done it much sooner.

Sofa Rehab

Site is easy to access and navigate, found needed product and checkout was hassle free. Delivery was speedy and product was good quality. Overall great experience!

Sofa Rehab

Items I bought were a direct replacement for my lazy boy controller and transformer, quick delivery, now I have all bits it is just a matter of swapping out the parts

Sofa Rehab

Great company to deal with -very efficient and they have products that no-one else seems to stock, great prices too!

Sofa Rehab

I was doubtful this would repair our badly damaged headrest area of our leather lounge. But, I thought had nothing to loose so I gave it a try.

I cut a tiny sample of our leather away from underneath the recliner where that cannot be seen & sent that to Sofa Rehab to hopefully match our colour.

I've just completed the repair & colour. The colour match is perfect & now I cannot see where the damage was before. Marvellous product.