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High Quality Duller. Used By The Professionals. A leather repair product used to dull down the sheen of leather colourants. This 50ml bottle is easy to mix and will not alter the colour consistency. Australia's Leading Supplier of DIY Leather Repair Products We're Australia's leading supplier for leather furniture repair kits, cleaning & maintenance products, and spare parts. Get the lowest prices on DIY leather furniture products. read more

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26 × 19 × 5 cm
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For Use With Leather Colourant Repairs

Duller is used to adjust the finished sheen of Sofa Rehab Leather Colourant. The more Duller applied, the flatter the colourant becomes. It is possible to match even the most dull of leather finishes using our product. Duller is completely compatible with all of Sofa Rehab leather repair products.

Is This Product Right For You?

For use when carrying out repairs involving leather colourant. The duller will make your colourant less shiny if needed. This product is primary purchased with our Leather Repair Kits (click here) and other leather repairs involving leather colourants.

Video Tutorials and Step-By-Step Guides

With our wide range of repair products, our easy step-by-step instructions and video tutorials, you’ve got everything you need to repair it yourself. Feel great about having done the repair yourself and saved $$$ on the repair.

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Sofa Rehab

Had Sofa Rehab recommended to me by a repairer as I had a broken handle on my old recliner. They had all the dimensions on their website, so that I could ensure I was getting the right size. Well priced and speedy delivery and very easy to install. Couldn't be happier.

Sofa Rehab

Needed transformer for our Plush sofa (Plush couldn't supply one for 3 weeks!) left a message with Sofa Rehab and was contacted that day, very helpful. Transformer arrived a day later; very happy as sofa now working fine and impressed with service, delivery and advice.

Sofa Rehab

Sofa Rehab sent me the product quickly to New Zealand and it worked perfectly. Thanks to them my recliner is working again...

Sofa Rehab

Worked a treat. Over time, I had bleached the headrest of my dark brown leather recliner due to the peroxide sanitiser that I had in my spa. A couple of coats of the Leather Colourant makes it look brand new...It was a patch the size of a dinner plate and you would never know now. Great product, works a treat!

Sofa Rehab

Great service. I ordered on a Sunday and had the product in 2 days. Very easy to fit, like about 3 minutes. Very good info on the website.. Turned a broken chair back into something useful very quickly. Price and convenience both great.