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Glue/FillerRepair Products

Leather & Vinyl Filler Paste

From $20.00

A super strong and extremely flexible Leather & Vinyl repair filler paste used to level the surface of damaged leather before recolouring. Ideal for filling deep holes, scratches, nicks, pet damage & scuffs. Thick and paste like substance which is easy to work with and offers optimal leather filling capabilities. Unique Leather Repairing Paste. The professionals choice for heavy duty repair paste which is suitable to repair all types of leather & Vinyl damage fast. Water based, odour free and air dries in 1 hour or can be force dried for fast repairs, remains flexible once dry and is sand-able for an invisible finish. You Can Do It Yourself and Save $$$ Quick and easy to use. Application tool provided. Watch our video tutorials to see how you can do it yourself and save. read more


Sofa Rehab

25g Tub, 100g Tub, 250g Tub


A Heavy Duty Leather & Vinyl Filler Used By Professionals

A heavy duty leather & Vinyl repair filler which has extremely strong holding properties that is able to fill damaged areas in leather, even the deepest holes can be filled using our unique professional grade filling compound.

Leather & Vinyl Filler paste is very effective at repairing pet damage, scratches & scuffed leather invisibly when used in conjunction with our leather repair paint. It can also be tinted with our Leather Colourants prior to application which means fewer coats and faster repairs.

Is This Product Right For You?

If your wanting to carry out additional leather repairs then consider purchasing our Essentials Leather Repair Kit (click here) which includes this leather filler inside!

This leather filler is not suitable for heavy or wide spread surface cracking, please see our Essentials Leather Crack Filler (click here) for this type of damage.

Available in Multiple Sizes. Our Coverage Guide.

Available in 25g, 100g and 250g tubs. Each filler comes with a palette knife.

  • Choose our 25g size for 2-4 deep holes, 10-15 scratches or 2 patches of cat claw damage.
  • Choose our 100g size for 10-15 deep holes, 50+ scratches and multiple cat claw damages.
  • Choose our 250g size for 20+ Deep holes, 150+ scratches and multiple cat claw damages.

How To

How To

Directions to fill small nicks, scratches and holes

1. Clear all loose fibres and debris from the area to be filled

2, Clean the repair area with either prep wash or leather wash

3, Apply a thin layer of filler to the repair site using the spatula provided and allow to fully dry for approximately  for 1 hr, use a hairdryer to speed up the process

4, Repeat step 3 until the surface of the leather or vinyl is level with the surrounding leather or vinyl.



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  • Matthew Whyte

    (verified owner)

    Great product works well, large tub will do multiple jobs on car restorations . 5 stars from us.👍

  • Ron Czis

    (verified owner)

    Leather filler

  • Marco

    (verified owner)

    Great product can’t fault it
    It dose exactly what you need it to do would recommend the product

  • Wendy

    I can’t believe how good this filler is. My cats did some serious damage to my leather couch but the leather repair kit fixed it. It looks like new now. I had to order a little more filler due to the amount of damage but it is well worth it. This is the best filler for repairing cat scratched leather!

Sofa Rehab

Sofa Rehab sent me the product quickly to New Zealand and it worked perfectly. Thanks to them my recliner is working again...

Sofa Rehab

I purchased some items to fix a rip in my sofa. It really is as easy as they say in the videos. I have extended the live of my sofa for just 5 mins of work and a small cost. Great products.

Sofa Rehab

My recliner chair handle snapped and I couldn't use the footrest anymore so Googled for a new handle and this company came up, had the exact part needed and it arrived in due time, fitted perfectly and now I wish I'd ordered two! Will fix the other one another time.

Sofa Rehab

Had some peeling of the leather upper layer up to the size of a 5 cent piece. Didn't think this product would work but I was desperate. I was very surprised with the end result and people could not believe the difference. Would highly recommend.

Sofa Rehab

First time dealing with this company. The replacement part was well priced, does the job perfectly and arrived without fuss in what I would consider to be short time given current delivery issues in general. No hesitation to give this company further business if the need arises.