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Mouth Atomiser


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Mouth Atomiser for use with Essentials Leather Colourant and Essentials Leather Repair Kits.  Use to apply Leather Colourant evenly over a wide area to fade in cosmetic repairs.  Used by professional Leather Repair Technicians.
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26.0 × 19.0 × 8.0 cm
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An easy to use Mouth Atomiser, use in conjunction with either the Essentials Leather Repair Kit or Essentials Leather Colourant for a fast even application.

Professional results achieved when used. This is what Leather Repair Technicians use.

With the Mouth Atomiser you will receive an empty bottle with lift up cap and a colourant strainer.

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How To

How To

1, Dispense colourant into the empty bottle and mix with tap water by up to 10% 2, Shake and mix the contents 3, Open the Atomiser to a right angle 4, Insert Atomiser through the cap hole with the long metal tube into the bottom of the bottle 5, With your mouth, cover the wooden lip guide and blow through like a straw until colourant is sucked up and spraying evenly out 6, Aim the Atomiser at the repair ensuring a distance of approximately  20cm away and evenly blow through the Atomiser spraying an even coat of colourant over the repair area 7, Dry the layers of colourant fully before applying the next

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