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Leather & Vinyl Paint Applicator Sponge


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A reusable Leather & Vinyl Paint Applicator Sponge used to apply leather repair paints and other repair products during cosmetic repairs. Touch up sponges are ideal for controlled application of leather colourant to cover repairs and for blending in the repair paint colours to disguise cosmetic touch ups on lounges, cars and other items of leather and Vinyl. Large Handheld Applicator Reusable sponge which is easily cleaned out for future use. Simple use, rinse and allow to dry before storing away. Used By Leather Repair Technicians High quality durable sponge that's suitable for either DIY or professional use. read more

Sofa Rehab
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This handy touch up sponge is ideal for applying the Sofa Rehab Leather Colourant during a cosmetic leather lounge repair.  Easily cleaned, it can be used over and over again.

Size – 90mm x 60mm x 60mm

Handheld Leather Paint Applicator

Soft and absorbent Leather and Vinyl Paint colourant applicator that is perfect for controlled and precise application of leather paints and other repair products to facilitate the cosmetic repair and recolouring stages of leather restoration. If you are doing a large cosmetic repair or are in the trade why not stock up on these applicators!

Supplied With Leather & Vinyl Repair paints

This Foam applicator touch up sponge is included with many of our repair products to apply products like , Leather & Vinyl paint, Leather Binder and included in our Repair kits. Handheld size of 90mm x 60mm x 60mm its perfect for any size repair.

Trusted By The Professionals

Regularly used day to day by professional Leather restorers, Car detailers and Tradesman to ensure quality repair’s are a breeze.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Make – Sofa Rehab
Material – Polyurethane foam
Colour – Off White
Size – 90mm x 60mm x 60mm.
*Note some discolouration of the sponge material is expected and is common due to exposure to sunlight. Best to store the applicator sponge out of sunlight for longevity.

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Sofa Rehab

Excellent service, swift replies and good understanding of my personalised requests for leather sofas and chairs that I have refurbished to date. Durable and reasonably-priced products with convenient delivery and payment options.

Sofa Rehab

Great service. Very happy with my phone call being returned promptly. Within a few minutes of the parcel being delivered, the transformer was plugged in and everything worked perfectly. Many thanks.

Sofa Rehab

I've worked in a furniture store for 9 or so years and finding suitable recliner cables was always a challenge. When I recieved my cables off you guys, I couldn't believe how well they fitted. Absolutely magnificent place to get your cables. They were here in a couple of days as well so highly recommended.

Sofa Rehab

Fixed my couch!! Quoted $1000 to fix this. $200 later from Sofa Rehab and fixed it myself. The couch had tears and the leather was also quite worn on one of the seats. With their video instructions it ended up being easier than expected. The colour matched perfectly.

Sofa Rehab

We needed to replace a cracked cup holder and buttons on our electric recliner. We reached out to a repair company who quoted $485. I couldn't believe it... so hit the net to see if I could find the part and low and behold I found it on Sofa Rehab for $85. The description said it was easy to do, so with the massive saving on offer I thought I had nothing to loose. Sofa Rehab was spot on, it was easy and only took 10min!