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  • serial-number-barcode-sticker-of-hx25bmcrrl-2-control-box
  • emomo-hx25bmcrrl-2-control-module-connector-4-ports-view
  • emomo-electric-recliner-control-box-hx25bmcrrl-2-module-ports
  • back-view-of-control-module-hx25bmcrrl-2-box-cables


Junction Boxes

eMoMo Tech Control Box HX25BMCRRL


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eMoMo Tech Master control module junction box HX25BMCRRL-2. Suitable for use with the eMoMo HX25BMCRRL-1 Cupholder  (Sold Separately). This junction box is designed to facilitate the connection between the actuators, power and the cupholder in order for the recliner to function and the cup holder to cool drinks. Model number is known as HX25BMCRRL and the serial number on the barcode starts SN:E25BMCRRL2#####. Control Boxes From Sofa Rehab eMoMo Control junctions boxes. We sell many types of control modules. eMoMo Main Australian Supplier. Sofa Rehab are the recommended supplier of this genuine replacement master control module so you can be assured of quality and compatibility in the replacement for your electric recliner spare parts. read more

eMoMo Tech
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13 × 11.5 × 11 cm
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eMoMo Control Junction Box

This junction box model number HX25BMCRRL-2 is designed to facilitate the connection between the actuators, power and the cupholder HX25BMCRRL-1 in order for the recliner to function and the cup holder to cool drinks. The HX25BMCRRL-1 Cupholder from eMoMo is sold separately.

If your old control module is damaged part will fix this issue.

Needing The Cup Holder As Well?

This eMoMo Tech master control module box model HX25BMCRRL-2 is one part of a two part system which includes the cup holder as a optional extra purchase. We do not include the cup holder with the control module but you can read about it and purchase it separately here HX25BMCRRL-1 Cupholder from eMoMo (Sold Separately).

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Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Make – eMoMo Tech.
eMoMo Tech P/N –HX25BMCRRL-2 or SN:E25BMCRRL2#####.
Plug and Cables Types –1 x male OI 2 pin cable (970mm long) and 1 x Red/Black cable (100mm long) with white system plug
Module Box Housing Connections – 2 x female OI ports and 1 x 8 pin and 1 x 4 pin female din plug sockets.

How To Tutorial

How To Tutorial

  1. To start with we strongly suggest to photograph or make notes of all the plugs and cable positions on the chair so you can easily recall the positions if required.
  2. Switch off all power to the recliner at the wall socket, remove the mains plug from the wall socket and unplug transformer from the chair in this order.
  3. Lay down a drop sheet on the floor in front of the recliner chair.
  4. Carefully turn the recliner over on its front side to gain access to the recliner wiring underneath, you may need to unzip the dustcover (if a zip is fitted) or unstaple the dustcover to reveal the internal carcass
  5. Locate the master control module and unplug all plugs and then unscrew the two mounting screws holding the module to the timber frame and remove the master control module.
  6. Install the new master control module using the original mounting screws and install the colour coded plugs into the corresponding plug socket on the module.
  7. Carefully turn the recliner back over to the standing position.
  8. If you have opened the dustcover zip close it again or if you had to remove staples restaple it closed now
  9. Reconnect the power by firstly connecting the transformer to the chair, then connect the wall plug to the mains power supply and switch on.
  10. Test the chair functions by operating the recliner to its maximum opening and closed position. When fully open, look inside to see that the cabling is safely out of harms way and is not stretched or pinched.

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Will this fit my chair?

For this to be compatible with your chair it will need to have the same part numbers and functions on the control box of HX25BMCRRL-2 or SN:E25BMCRRL2######.

Is this easy to fit?

Yes, we provide step by step install instructions, follow these and it will work.

Do you ship to USA or Canada?


Does this include the cup holder HX25BACRRL-1?

No, this is the control module only. If you need the cupholder this is to be purchased separately.

Where do I find the model number?

The control box is normally located inside the arm or console frame carcass and on the control box you will find a barcode, this barcode will start SN:E25BACRRL2##### and this is the model indicator.

Sofa Rehab

Site is easy to access and navigate, found needed product and checkout was hassle free. Delivery was speedy and product was good quality. Overall great experience!

Sofa Rehab

I could not be happier! I thought that my couch was beyond saving but now it looks great. So easy to use, I wish I had done it much sooner.

Sofa Rehab

My recliner chair handle snapped and I couldn't use the footrest anymore so Googled for a new handle and this company came up, had the exact part needed and it arrived in due time, fitted perfectly and now I wish I'd ordered two! Will fix the other one another time.

Sofa Rehab

Sofa Rehab to the rescue! Thanks for your website and YouTube video tutorials we were able to fix our recliner's snapped cable by ourselves. Getting the clip out was challanging, but we eventually got it and now chair is good as new.

Sofa Rehab

Extremely happy with Sofa Rehab and my purchase the measuring details on their web page made it easy to make sure I bought the correct parts (replacement recliner cables) fitted in minutes a very easy fix.