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  • back-label-photo-of-universal-barrel-plug-ac-dc-transformer-for-power-recliners-RSS1018-290200-A1
  • specs-label-of-barrel-plug-transfomer-showing-power-ratings-and-model-RSS1018-290200-A1
  • round-plug-end-for-2a-power-supply
  • dc-barrel-jack-plug-of-universal-power-transformer
  • close-up-photo-of-dc-power-supply-barrel-tip


Power Supply Transformers

Recliner Transformer 2.0A DC Round Plug


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Universal Replacement DC (Round Barrel Plug) Power Supply Transformer for electric recliners chairs, lift and tilt recliners or media lounges. With an output specification of 29V 2.0A, this power adapter uses a 5.5mm round DC plug connector. Round PLug Universal Replacement DC Adapter. Compatible with most brands and models of electric recliner chairs which use this same round plug with outside dimensions 5.5mm and inside dimensions of 2.5mm round plug. We Sell Various Power Adapters Models & Types. We also sell a complete range of power adapters (click here) for all popular brands and models. Ask us if you need help finding the exact replacement. read more

Sofa Rehab
0.28 kg
16 × 9 × 5 cm

No Battery (Wall Power Only)


Universal Electric Recliner Chair DC Power Adapter

This universal replacement electric reclining furniture DC transformer has an output specification of 29V 2.0A and uses a round 5.5mm plug connection.

This universal ac dc power adapter supports 100v to 240v wall power so its suitable for use in all countries.

Everything You Need To Do It Yourself

Easy to fit with push together plugs so no tools or experience is required. Buy online and install it within 5 minutes, no need to call a professional. Please note that this universal power supply is sold individually and does not come with an extension cable or wall plug which can be ordered separately, so check before completing your order. Feel free to ask us if you need help.

If this is not the correct transformer for your furniture, please visit our power supply transformers (click here) catalogue. We sell a huge range of types of Electric recliner power supply transformers and adapters.

Can Be Used To Power Multiple Recliners or 3 Seater Lounges

This Universal DC Transformer with round plug is powerful enough to be used with Electric recliner armchairs, sofas and media lounges with the same diameter round plug connection but is not suitable for use with 12V massage chairs, if you need a massage chair power supply do not buy this one.

Compatible Brands, Models and Part Numbers

This universal power supply is compatible with a wide range of popular recliner lift chair brands, including Kaidi, Okin, Limoss, Tranquil, Ease, TiMotion, Shenzen and many more. The universal power supply is mainly used for electric recliner lift chairs but also suitable for use with electric sofas and lounge suites which the same round 5.5mm DC plug connector.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Brand:- Universal (No Brand)
Model:- RSS1018-290200-A1
Input:- 100V-240V 50/60Hz,1.5A
Output:- 29.0V 2.0A
Plug Type:- DC Round DC outer dimensions 5.5mm inside dimensions 2.5mm
Interior use only.

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How do I know my transformer is broken?

To identify if the transformer is faulty follow this quick guide.
1, Turn off the wall socket power to the transformer and furniture
2, Wait approx. 1 minute for the transformer to power down
3, Disconnect the transformer from the furniture so the transformer is no longer connected to the furniture but is still plugged into the wall socket
4, Turn the wall socket back on to power up the transformer
Results -
A, Solid Green light commonly means the power supply is working correctly. fault lies elsewhere.
B, No Green light commonly means fault with transformer. Replace transformer to fix.

My transformer light is blinking/flashing and not working.

A Blinking/flashing green light on the transformer commonly indicates an electric fault within the furniture past the transformer. To identify which part is causing the issue follow this guide-
1, Check for trapped or damaged cables and parts, if one is found unplug this and see if the light on the transformer returns to solid green light, if it does this is the faulty part. Check by plugging suspected faulty part back into the system and if the green light on the transformer starts to blink/flash its confirmed. To fix replace this part.
2, If no obvious damage or trapped cables, start systematically unplugging plugs and parts within the furniture one at a time and check back at the light, if the light still blinks/flashes this is not the issue so reconnect that plug/part and continue until the green light turns solid and stops blinking/flashing, whichever part was last unplugged and caused the green light to stay solid is likely the faulty part and to confirm this plug it back into the system and if the light returns to blinking/flashing again then this is likely the fault. To fix replace this part.

What's the output of this transformer?

Output is 29V 2.0A.

Is this a standard recliner transformer?

No this is a DC adapter round plug style.

Will this work a 12v chair?


Sofa Rehab

Items I bought were a direct replacement for my lazy boy controller and transformer, quick delivery, now I have all bits it is just a matter of swapping out the parts

Sofa Rehab

I could not be happier! I thought that my couch was beyond saving but now it looks great. So easy to use, I wish I had done it much sooner.

Sofa Rehab

Had Sofa Rehab recommended to me by a repairer as I had a broken handle on my old recliner. They had all the dimensions on their website, so that I could ensure I was getting the right size. Well priced and speedy delivery and very easy to install. Couldn't be happier.

Sofa Rehab

Paid a professional cleaner to clean my leather lounge. He did a lousy job. Didn't look any different. This cleaner pack provided everything I needed to do it myself. It lifted dirt & grime easily. Super happy with result, looks brand new!

Sofa Rehab

Really great service, measuring for replacement part made ordering so easy. Very prompt service. Thank you for saving me from having to replace my recliners.