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ClipsSeat Springs

Upholstery Stay Wire & Clips Kit


Premium Grade & Super Strong Paper Coated Spring Border Support Stay Wire. Upholstery and Automotive sinuous zig zag coil spring support wire which is designed to link and stabilise springs together across the centre or around the seat edge to act as one support unit. Wire is paper coated, thick & oil tempered is perfect for all modern & antique applications. Includes metal 3 prong stay clips used to attach the seat springs to the border support wire. Spring Border Paper Coated Stay Wire Common place in automotive and upholstery seating and mattress production or during spring repairs. Easy To Use & Ideal For Professionals & DIY Restorations Use on Automotive seats, Mattresses, Recliners, Lounges & Dining Chairs. read more


High Quality Zig Zag Spring Support Wire & Clip Pack

Replacement upholstery seat spring metal stay wire and Baker clips used in many applications such as automotive seating, mattress spring production and upholstery seating.  During furniture spring installation using the 3 prong clips and paper coated silent border support wire together will connect and stabilise all springs to perform as one flexible platform for weight distribution and maximum support.

Fits Zig zag, No-Sag And Coil Springs

Being a universal galvanised upholstery E-135 metal clip it is compatible with most gauges of modern and vintage automotive , upholstery and mattress grade wire springs including the common types such as Sinuous, No-Sag, Serpentine and Coil springs. Clip size is 22mm x 17mm and the overall thickness of the border stay wire including the paper is approximately 4mm & the wire is 2mm thick. Paper coated wire and stay clips are designed  to stop all spring noises and squeaks.

Suitable for Professional and DIY Projects

Used by many trade qualified upholsterers and auto trimmers daily to achieve professional results but simple and easy enough for the inexperienced home restorers to use

Available in Multiple Lengths

How To install

How To install

Tools Required

Essential tools include:

  • Pair of Pliers or crimpers
  • Snips or cutters

Pro Tip! – Take a photograph of the job/repair area before you start incase you need to refer back to the picture later on.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Measure the seat width from the first spring across to the last spring allowing 2″ extra at each end to allow the wire ends to be curled round.
  2. Cut the wire to size using wire snips or pliers.
  3. Lay the wire across the seat springs on the NON sitting side of the springs for general upholstery seating but for all other applications it is best to follow the previous installation.
  4. Slide a replacement metal stay spring clip over the spring rung/edge and the paper coated wire so both are within the one clip.
  5. Secure the metal clips in to place using either the pliers or similar crimpers.
  6. Once all springs are attached to the wire curl the excess of wire around on itself and trim any excess.
  7. Repeat steps 1-6 if a second or third row is required.

What's in the box

What's in the box

2 Mtr Pack
1 x 2 mtr length of Paper coated border wire
1 x Bag of 10 Stay Wire Clips

4 Mtr Pack
1 x 4 mtr length of Paper coated wire
3 x Bags of 10 Stay Wire Clips

6 Mtr Pack
1 x 6 mtr length of Paper coated wire
5 x Bags of Stay Wire Clips

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I'm replacing my springs should I replace these clips and wire at the same time?

Yes, The original Stay clips are difficult to remove without permanently damaging them or the paper coated wire.

Can I bend the stay wire to fit my seat profile?

Yes, the stay wire is flexible and can easily be molded to suit any seat profile.

Are these clips the same as Baker clips?

Yes, these Stay clips are known to have many names such as Baker, W- clips, Stay clips or Paper wire clips.

How do I fit this kit?

Please refer to our 'How To Install' tab for step by step instructions.

Which kit do I need?

This varies per application however we sell in handy sized kits. However the 2 mtr kit is enough for a single chair seat, 4 mtr lit is suitable to a 2 str, set of car seats or a single mattress and the 6 mtr kit is suitable for a 3 str or 3 x chairs or a double mattress. If you need more than the packs include then please select how many packs you require at the checkout.

What is purpose of stay wire and clips?

The stay clips are used in conjunction with our paper coated border support wire to connect the wire and the springs together to act as a single performing unit.

Do you sell the stay clips by themselves?

Yes we sell them in packs of 10.

Do you sell the paper coated wire on its own.

No. Only sold with the clips.

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