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ClipsSeat Springs

Upholstery Stay Wire Clips 10 Pack


Upholstery and automotive seats and mattress spring support stay border wire galvanized metal stay clips 10 pack. Universal Size of  22mm x 17mm per clip. Also known as W clips, Baker clips, E-135 clips, 3 Prong clips and Spring edge wire clips. Commonly used to connect the zig zag or coil springs to the paper coated support/stake wire but can even be used to connect wire cage sections together. Spring Border Paper Wire Baker Clips. Suitable for both professional use and do-it-yourself upholstery sofa repairs. Common place in automotive and upholstery seating and mattress production. 'You Can Do It' Yourself and Save $$$ Easy to install with just a pair of pliers. See our video tutorials to see how easy it is. read more

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12 × 2 × 8 cm
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10 Pack Paper Coated Border Wire Clips

Replacement upholstery seat spring metal wire Baker clips used in many applications such as automotive seating, mattress spring production and even wire cage assembly. During furniture spring installation using the 3 prong clips and paper coated silent border support wire together will connect all springs to perform as one flexible platform for weight distribution and maximum support.

Fits Zig zag, No-Sag And Coil Springs

Being a universal galvanised upholstery E-135 metal clip it is compatible with most gauges of modern and vintage automotive , upholstery and mattress grade wire springs including the common types such as Sinuous, No-Sag, Serpentine and Coil springs. Suitable for interior or exterior applications due to each clip being galvanized and has a protective coating on the inside face of the clip to prevent wear, noise and slipping.

Need more Than Just Wire Clips?

We have assembled packs of the border support wire and clips for your convenience plus many other upholstery accessories available to assist with your lounge renovation or repair! View our packs Spring Support Wire & Clips Click Here

Simple And Easy To Use

Simply position the ‘W’ stay clip over the top of the paper coated border support wire and seat spring metal and using either a pair of basic pliers or if you have the trade equivalent crimpers close the metal prongs to secure the wire and spring together.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Type- Stay Clip, W Clip, Baker Clip ,3 prong Clip or E-135 Clip (Known as different names but all basically the same)
Material- Galvanised metal with protective non slip and non squeak coating on the inside surface
Dimensions –Width 22mm x Height 17mm
Uses – Attaching furniture Seat, back or armrest upholstery zig zag, sinuous and no-sag springs to support and border wire., Mattress coil spring assembly and Automotive seat spring border connection.

How To Install

How To Install


Tools Required
Pair of Pliers or Crimpers

Pro Tip-Take a photograph of the job and clip area before you start incase you need to refer back to the picture later on.

1, Using the pliers, prise open the 3 prongs on the clip taking care not to tear the paper coating on the border wire
2, Remove the 3 prong clip and dispose of it
3, Next position the replacement 3 prong clip over the top of the paper coated border wire and the metal spring capturing both parts inside of the 3 prongs
4, Finally using the pliers or crimpers force the 3 prongs to close over the paper coated border wire and spring creating a sealed clip.
5, Repeat for all clips needing repair or fitment.

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I'm replacing my springs should I replace these clips at the same time?

Yes, The original Stay clips are difficult to remove without permanently damaging them

Do you sell the paper wire?

Yes we sell the paper coated border support wire and clips as pack.

Are these clips the same as Baker clips?

Yes, these Stay clips are known to have many names such as Baker, W- clips, Stay clips or Paper wire clips.

How do I fit these?

Please refer to our 'How To Install' tab for step by step instructions

How many clips do I need?

This varies per application however we sell the clips in handy packs of 10 Stay clips. If you need more than 10 please select how many packs you require at the checkout.

What is purpose of stay clips?

The stay clips are used in conjunction with our paper coated border support wire to connect the wire and the springs together to act as a single performing unit. Or use these clips to join sections of metal wire cages and fences together.

Sofa Rehab

I purchased some items to fix a rip in my sofa. It really is as easy as they say in the videos. I have extended the live of my sofa for just 5 mins of work and a small cost. Great products.

Sofa Rehab

Great service. Very happy with my phone call being returned promptly. Within a few minutes of the parcel being delivered, the transformer was plugged in and everything worked perfectly. Many thanks.

Sofa Rehab

I was completely blown away by the excellent service. Perfect product delivered very quickly. My enquiry was responded to immediately and professionally.I'm a very happy customer and highly recommend Sofa Rehab.

Sofa Rehab

This product is amazing! My cream leather sofa is 4 years old and well looked after, however it was looking dirty.

Sofa Rehab has lifted the grime from daily sitting and the colour has improved about 2 shades! It looks brand new now!

Highly recommend this kit- the brush and clothes in the kit are excellent and the cream is very easy to apply.

Sofa Rehab

Excellent service with very fast delivery. The Latch and cable kits was super easy to change over. Your cable selection chart was very helpfull. I changed all 4 latch and cables in 10 minutes. Thank you!!