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  • Platinum handset id label
  • LZB Platinum handset rear view
  • LZB Platinum handset side view
  • Platinum handset plug

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  • Platinum handset id label
  • LZB Platinum handset rear view
  • LZB Platinum handset side view
  • Platinum handset plug


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La Z Boy Recliner Lift Chair Remote HSC-LAZ-P10LCBASIC


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La Z Boy Platinum replacement lift chair controller model number HSC-LAZ-P10LCBASIC and part number for this lazy boy recliner remote control is LZB PN 10.000087 and fits the La Z boy lift chair Platinum range of recliner lift chairs. With a large single round toggle button and 2 oblong buttons on the front and lever style button on the rear makes this La Z Boy remote control easy to use. Supplied with a with easy push fitting 8 pin plug. La Z Boy Platinum 55T Remote Controller A quality Power lift chair remote control replacement that suits many models of La Z Boy 55T electric lift chair recliners. Easily fits to models like La Z Boy Astor, Eden and Pinnacle lift recliners. See our full list of known compatible models. 'You Can Do It' Yourself and Save $$$ No experience needed to install this lift chair remote controller. Simply disconnect the retaining clip at the rear of the seat and switch out the plug. read more

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Genuine La z Boy replacement Platinum Lift Chair Remote Controller

A La Z Boy recliner lift chair remote with a single easy to use toggle button and 2 oblong buttons on the front and a single switch style button on the rear make this remote controller easy to use. Designed to control the open/close movement of the La Z Boy recliner chairs plus the option to individually adjust either the footrest or backrest into the perfect position. Fits comfortably in your palm, clear and easy to push buttons and responsive smooth operation are just some of the benefits of installing a quality part from Sofa Rehab. Model numbers are HSC-LAZ-P10LCBASIC or 10.000087.

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Compatible La Z Boy Models

Compatible La Z Boy Models

List of Known Compatible Models
** Note this list is not a full list, there may be other La Z Boy 55T lift chair models with different model names around the world. If your lift chair remote controller visually matches ours then it is likely compatible. If it has more or less buttons or different words on the buttons it will not be compatible.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Make- La Z Boy
Model- Platinum 55T
LZB P/N- 10.000087

How To

How To

  1. Unplug all power to the recliner and remove the mains plug from the wall socket
  2. Locate retaining clip located at the rear of the seat and lift latch
  3. Unplug the 8 pin plug and separate the two parts
  4. Plug in the new 8 pin plug
  5. Close the retaining clip
  6. Reconnect the power and allow the recliner to reset if required.


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  • Coralie

    (verified owner)

    Fixed the problem with my chair. Sofa rehab very helpful and promt

  • Retired Ldymecanik

    (verified owner)

    I am a the 62 year old woman and neighbor who diagnosed Linda’s Lazy Boy power lift chair. Linda is 72 and like me lives on a very limited income. Using you tube video I found everything worked fine except the remote on her chair. After searching the internet and finding Lazy Boy refused to honor the warranty because it was gifted to her and she was not the purchaser. I also found Lazy Boy was very closed lip about repair procedures and very expensive for oem parts. She could have bought a whole new chair from another manufacturer. I found sofa rehab was very reasonable in comparison and warrant I the part longer then she actually had the chair. So I had her order the part, I snapped it in and her bed/chair is in working order again. I so appreciate this company and quick shipment to the USA. Linda is More grateful then I am. What I found after I struggled finding diagnostic procedures was sofa rehab would of helped me in a much shorter amount of time. I will remember this if my no name. Brand power lift chair fails. Great company, fast shipping and perfectly matched part.



My La z boy handset has more/less buttons, will this work?

No, this remote is only compatible with the handset with the same amount of buttons.

My handset has Heat and Massage buttons, will this work?

No, this remote is not compatible with the model with Heat and Massage buttons.

Is it easy to fit?

Yes, no tools or experience required. Follow our step by step installation guide located in the 'How to' tab to see how easy it is.

Is this genuine La Z Boy part?

Yes, we only stock official La Z Boy replacements from the La Z Boy factory.

What happens if this remote doesn't fix the issue?

Then the remote is not the fault. Another electric part is faulty. You can return the handset to us for a refund as per our Refunds & Exchange policy.

My model number is different, will this remote work?

No, the model numbers or La Z Boy part numbers need to match for compatibility.

Sofa Rehab

I was desperate when my lift-chair stopped working, due to chronic back issues. I worked out it was the hand control but nothing was available locally. So onto Google and I came across SOFA REHAB! They had the exact part I needed at a very reasonable price, the virtual chat was exceptionally helpful and postage was super quick!

Sofa Rehab

Excellent service, swift replies and good understanding of my personalised requests for leather sofas and chairs that I have refurbished to date. Durable and reasonably-priced products with convenient delivery and payment options.

Sofa Rehab

Site is easy to access and navigate, found needed product and checkout was hassle free. Delivery was speedy and product was good quality. Overall great experience!

Sofa Rehab

Ordered the leather cleaning kit after paying a professional to clean my leather lounge. It looked like nothing had changed when he finished. The leather cleaner solution from Sofa Rehab lifted the dirt instantly. Everything I needed to do the job was provided. Noticed the difference in colour straight away. Instead of wasting $150 on a professional to clean my sofa I will continue to do it myself with better results.

Sofa Rehab

I bought the leather repair kit to try and fix a very scratched and worn leather desk insert. I was about to buy a new desk but couldn't find one of a similar size so thought I had nothing to lose by trying this product to salvage what was an otherwise perfectly good desk that was just ugly. I do wished I have taken before photos as the result has been amazing. I will be doing my leather lounge next.