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Leather Surface Crack Filler

From $33.00

A leather crack filler used to repair cracking leather seats. Suitable to repair cracking, crazing, scratches & worn leather lounge cushions. Extremely flexible filler that will not crack or fall out. Heavily cracked and split leather arms and seats of chairs and sofas can be easily fixed using this high strength flexible filler. Suitable For Long lasting Crack Repairs. For best results use our Leather Binder (click here) product to prepare the surface for the Crack Filler to adhere too. Consider Our Complete Leather Repair Kits! View our range of comprehensive Leather Repair Kits that make it super easy to achieve near invisible repairs! read more


Sofa Rehab

100g Tub, 250g Tub


Extremely Flexible Filler Used To Repair Surface Cracking

A highly flexible leather surface crack filler which has extremely strong holding properties that is able to invisibly fill large areas of surface cracking, crazing, surface splits, fine scratches and worn leather when used with our in conjunction with our Leather Crack Repair Kit (click here).

Before using the leather crack filler, we strongly recommend that you apply Leather Prep Wash (click here) to clean the surface, and then Leather Binder (click here) to secure the cracks for stronger & longer lasting repairs, and finally our Leather & Vinyl Repair Paints (click here) to colour over the filler, blending in the repairs.

What is Surface Crack Filler?

Leather Surface Crack Filler is a low viscosity type leather filler designed to be self levelling and sink into very fine surface cracks and scratches found on heavily used leather and vinyl surfaces, such as lounge seat cushions. Dries to an off white colour but can be tinted using Leather & Vinyl Paints prior to application to achieve a closer colour match. The crack filler remains flexible and will not crack or fall out as it stretches and flexes with the surface. Having an adhesive within the filler creates an extremely strong bond with the leather or vinyl. For the most long lasting repair we strongly recommend using Leather Binder (click here) before applying the Surface Surface Crack Filler.

Do You Need More Than Just Surface Crack Filler?

Leather Surface Crack Filler is very effective but it must optimally be applied after the leather Binder, which prepares the surface. In order to permanently repair leather cracking you must first clean the leather and secure the splits & cracks from expanding using our Leather Binder (click here).

If your wanting to carry out additional leather repairs then consider purchasing our Essentials Leather Crack Repair Kit (click here) which includes this leather crack filler inside!

Choosing The Right Filler For The Job!

To help you choose the right filler for your project, we’ve created a quick guide on the different usages per type of filler.

Leather Surface Crack Filler is suitable for:

  • Small or large areas of surface cracks or crazing.
  • Very fine scratch’s that do not need gluing.
  • Surface splits that do not need gluing.

Leather & Vinyl Filler Paste is suitable for:

  • Pet damage, pulls and deep scratches.
  • Holes, Burns and nicks.
  • Scuffs, scrapes and grazes.

If you require the Leather & Vinyl Filler Paste (click here) to read more about it.



What’s Included

1x 100g or 250g Tub of Crack filler.
1x Leather & Vinyl Filler Applicator.

Suitable Leathers or Surfaces

  • Pigmented/Painted leather.
  • Aniline or Semi Aniline Leather.
  • Two tone, Mottled and Antique Finished Leather.
  • Bi-Cast Leather.
  • Vinyl and Faux Leather.

This product is not suitable for Nubuck or Suede.

Coverage Guide

100g – Will comfortable cover 1 standard chair seat cushion and 2 armrest.
250g – Will comfortably cover 3 standard chair seats and 4 armrests.

Storage and Shelf Life

Store out of sunlight and between 8°C and 30°C.
Once opened use within 12 months.

How To

How To

1. Ensure leather is clean/dry
2. For best results we always recommend applying Leather Binder to strengthen cracks and adhesions. Apply as per the binder instructions
3. Using a applicator, apply the Surface Crack Filler over the cracked areas following the pattern of the cracks, its recommended to apply several thin layers, allowing to dry naturally between layers or speed up the process using a hair dryer
4. Repeat step 3 until all cracks are filled level with the surface
5. Once the crack filler is fully dry, use sand paper (either 600 or 1200 grade paper) to sand and remove any edges/lumps etc
6. Wipe the area clean with Prep Wash
7. The area can be coloured with our Leather & Vinyl Paints.

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  • Bev Brown

    (verified owner)

    I first used the repair kit, but felt I needed a little more filler. The site is easy to use, goods are dispatched and received very quickly. Following the directions I was able to repair a recliner chair and I am thrilled with the result.

  • Grant

    (verified owner)

    Successfully filled a large cut in leather car seat. Works as described

  • Grant

    (verified owner)

    Filled large cut and deterioration in leather car seat. Worked as described



What's the difference between Surface crack filler and Leather & Vinyl filler paste?

Surface crack filler is used to fix areas of cracking and crazes leather surface. The Leather and Vinyl filler is used to repair deeper holes, rips and tears etc.

Do I need anything else other than the Surface crack filler?

Yes. The Surface crack filler is just one part of the repair process, to successfully repair surface cracks you will need to use prep wash, binder and colourant. Or purchase the Leather Crack repair kit and have it all in one handy kit.

Can Surface Crack Filler be used on Vinyl or faux leather?

Yes its compatible. NOTE- It will not fix delaminating on Faux leather though.

What happens if I just use Surface crack filler on its own?

The filler will not fix the cracking issue. If no binder is used then there is nothing stopping the cracking for deteriorating. If surface crack filler is applied and left the colour will not match the leather and you will be left with a off white patch. We always recommend using the full Leather crack kit to complete the repairs.

Surface Crack filler is not as smooth or level with the surface what can I do?

Crack filler can be sanded with wet and dry 600 or 1200 grade sand paper. Once level ensure you wipe over the area with prep wash to remove the dust before applying colour.

Does the Surface crack filler need colouring over?

Yes. The filler dries to an off white colour and will require our Leather & Vinyl paint to match in to the surrounding areas.

Will the Crack filler have a leather look?

No, the filler leaves a smooth finish and doesn't replicate the textured grain. The ideal finish of the filler is to fill just the cracks leaving the textured leather mostly untouched.

What colour is the Crack filler?

The filler dries to an off white colour. The filler can be tinted with our Leather and Vinyl paints prior to application to achieve a closer colour match.

Sofa Rehab

My recliner chair handle snapped and I couldn't use the footrest anymore so Googled for a new handle and this company came up, had the exact part needed and it arrived in due time, fitted perfectly and now I wish I'd ordered two! Will fix the other one another time.

Sofa Rehab

Had Sofa Rehab recommended to me by a repairer as I had a broken handle on my old recliner. They had all the dimensions on their website, so that I could ensure I was getting the right size. Well priced and speedy delivery and very easy to install. Couldn't be happier.

Sofa Rehab

Sofa Rehab sent me the product quickly to New Zealand and it worked perfectly. Thanks to them my recliner is working again...

Sofa Rehab

Can't speak high enough of Sofa Rehab. They are awesome, I bought a Recliner Release Cable last week. It arrived within 2 days. It worked perfectly, exactly as described... 100% satisfied... my recliner is back in action. Sofa Rehab team was so helpful in suggesting the right part. Highly recommended.

Sofa Rehab

Great service!! Order new controller for lift chair on Saturday morning and received it on Tuesday!! Will certainly recommend this company.