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  • actuator-movement-insert-small-arched-shape-for-kaidi-mulin-rmt
  • front-view-of-small-arched-shape-actuator-sliding-piece-replacement
  • replacement-arched-glide-block-small-version-for-recliner-actuators
  • small-arched-moving-block-mulin-kaidi-electric-recliner-actuators
  • small-white-arch-block-for-recliner-actuator-movement-piece-kaidi-rmt

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  • actuator-movement-insert-small-arched-shape-for-kaidi-mulin-rmt
  • front-view-of-small-arched-shape-actuator-sliding-piece-replacement
  • replacement-arched-glide-block-small-version-for-recliner-actuators
  • small-arched-moving-block-mulin-kaidi-electric-recliner-actuators
  • small-white-arch-block-for-recliner-actuator-movement-piece-kaidi-rmt


Moving Blocks and Clevis

Small – Arched Actuator Moving Block


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This arched shape actuator moving block (small size) is the ideal solution for repairing a electric recliner chair actuators that has a broken plastic block and no other damage or malfunctions. With the know-how to disassemble & install the replacement block, this spare part offers a cost-effective alternative to buying a new actuator unit. Made from a durable white plastic and a compact size featuring 2 mount holes on either side. Small Arched Plastic Moving Block Replacement Piece. Commonly found on Kaidi, RMT and Mulin electric recliner actuators. This small size version has 2 holes on either side. We also sell the large version in this same arched design. Looking Another Size of Shape? We offer an complete range of actuator moving blocks (click here) to fit most electric recliner actuators. See our catalogue where you'll also find the large 3-hole version of this same arch shape design. read more

Kaidi, Mulin Electric, RMT, Sofa Rehab
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9.6 × 4.8 × 4.2 cm
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Plastic Moving Block for Actuators – Arch Shape, Small

These arch shaped actuator blocks (small 2-hole size) are commonly found on recliner & lift chair actuators made by RMT, Kaidi and Mulin. The actuator movement block is designed to glide along the actuator shaft, facilitating the up and down movement of your recliner’s footrest, backrest or standing position. Made from a robust white plastic, this replacement block is an economical repair solution without needing to buy a whole new actuator.

If your actuator is not powering, or its repair scope goes beyond the moving block then consider if a new actuator is required. We offer an extensive range of electric recliner actuators (click here) to accommodate most recliners & lift chairs on the market.

Measuring Guide For This Small Version

Measuring for the correct replacement block is crucial for a successful repair. This small variant has a width of 96mm, a depth of 48mm, and an overall height of 42mm due to its angled construction. The actuator centre hole for the worm drive rod thread is the industry standard size of approximately 9.7mm wide. The mounting ends each have 2 holes, and height of 35mm, ready to be aligned and attached to your recliner mechanism.

We also sell this arch shaped actuator block in a larger 3-hole size (click here).

Selecting the Correct Actuator Moving Block Size & Shape

This movement block is one of 6 commonly used designs tailored to fit a variety of electric recliner chair motors. If this small angled block does not meet the needs of your specific actuator, our comprehensive range of actuator moving blocks (click here) will likely provide the perfect match for your repair.

If you need further assistance or advice on choosing the correct moving block, please ask our customer support team.

Compatible Models

Compatible Models

This actuator moving block is used by the OEM for the following brands & models of recliner actuators:

  • Kaidi KDPT007-02
  • Kaidi KDPT007-003N
  • Kaidi KDPT007-07
  • Kaidi KDPT007-11
  • Kaidi KDPT007N-11
  • Kaidi KDPT007-13
  • Kaidi KDPT007-15
  • Kaidi KDPT007-16
  • Kaidi KDPT007-41
  • Kaidi KDPT007-52
  • Kaidi KDPT007-59
  • Kaidi KDPT007-73
  • Kaidi KDPT007-74N
  • Kaidi KDPT007-96
  • Kaidi KDPT007-98
  • Kaidi KDPT007-99
  • Kaidi KDPT007-113
  • Kaidi KDPT007-168
  • Kaidi KDPT007-179
  • Kaidi KDPT007-179N
  • Kaidi KDPT007-198N
  • Kaidi KDPT007-204N
  • Kaidi KDPT007-224
  • Kaidi KDPT007-241
  • Kaidi KDPT007-272
  • Kaidi KDPT007-281
  • Kaidi KDPT010-43
  • Kaidi KDPT010-67
  • RMT R8123
  • RMT R812322040333
  • RMT R8123N2040333
  • RMT R8123B2045333
  • RMT R8123D2045333
  • Mulin ML8-205
  • Mulin ML8-076
  • Mulin ML18-005
  • Mulin ML18-055B

This is not a full complete list, we will update as and when we are aware of compatible brands & models.

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Sofa Rehab

Just perfect! Only bought one to boost the saggiest seat in our L shaped couch and see if I got the right density, and I did. Tucked it under the cushion and now the seat looks consistent with the rest. Now to buy some more for the rest of the couch.

Sofa Rehab

I've worked in a furniture store for 9 or so years and finding suitable recliner cables was always a challenge. When I recieved my cables off you guys, I couldn't believe how well they fitted. Absolutely magnificent place to get your cables. They were here in a couple of days as well so highly recommended.

Sofa Rehab

I purchased some items to fix a rip in my sofa. It really is as easy as they say in the videos. I have extended the live of my sofa for just 5 mins of work and a small cost. Great products.

Sofa Rehab

Just what I needed. My local La-Z-Boy store (where I bought my sofa) apparently doesn't sell extension leads but we're happy to sell me some internal power source for $150 or something. Thankfully, Sofa Rehab had this which was all l needed and they shipped it so quickly!

Sofa Rehab

Great service. I ordered on a Sunday and had the product in 2 days. Very easy to fit, like about 3 minutes. Very good info on the website. Turned a broken chair back into something useful with ease. Great price and convenience.